I saw this YouTube video linked on the RetroSceneMag blog.  I watched it intently waiting for something else to happen but the whole time just enjoying the sound pulsing out of the V8 powered Marina van.  Absolutely magic.  It’s what I hope filthy_one’s Pontiac Laurentian will sound like once he’s got his new engine in.   I enjoyed it so much it spurred me on to find more videos of a similar nature to share with you all…

One of my favourites, Red Victor.  A stunning worked car that’s been on Fifth Gear and no doubt had countless magazine features.  The owner is a member of Retro-Rides and a charming and friendly chap he is too.  Search YouTube for ‘Red Victor’ and you’ll come trumps with several videos,  no doubt.

Some impressive Anglia’s putting power to strip.

…and last but not least this 1964 video that’s been converted to digital format and uploaded…



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