Nagoya Classic Car Show

June 28, 2009

For your viewing pleasure, we present an album of photos from last week’s Nagoya Classic Car show, taken by Ewan @ I guess this is the sort of grass-roots “nostalgic JDM” gathering that a lot of us can only dream about attending in person!

Ewans workmate showing off his chop-topped Cresta!

Ewan's workmate - showing off his chop-topped Cresta!

as they say, pictures tell a thousand words, so I don’t need to elaborate much further. Check out some choice cuts after the jump, or click here to access all 275 images. And of course, there was a sizable bosozoku contingent present as well.

Z10 Soarer

Z10 Soarer



Sweet widebody Starion. Hang on, is that a V6 I see under the bonnet?

I-choose-you Bellend

OM NOM NOMS... Nissan S20 :D

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