Skyline Crossover SUV.

June 29, 2009

I apologise for the lack of classic or retro in this post but I was just over browsing on the Japanese Nissan Motor Co. website and stumbled across the links to a CROSSOVER vehicle. I investigated further only to discover that they’re making a Skyline SUV!

Nissan Skyline Crossover SUV

Nissan Skyline Crossover SUV

I have to say this has saddened me slightly, not only have Nissan split the GT-R off into it’s own category, they’ve diverted the rest of the Skyline range to an avenue that includes an SUV. Yuck. The only reason I can think of doing it to to take another stab at Porsche who offer their own “Performance” SUV, the Cayenne. 

It seems the Skyline SUV will utilise the VQ37VHR as used in the rest of the Skyline range and the Z range also. A 3.7 litre V6 with VVEL – an electronically controlled continuous variable valve timing and lift system. A peak power output of 243kw is claimed with somewhere in the region of 360Nm of Torque, coupled to a 7speed Automatic Transmission, I guess it would make quite the commuter with a fair bit of punch if you need it.  The interior does little for me, much like the exterior.  I guess it’s only really the power-train that’s of significant interest to me.

There’s also dealer option Aero packages, as such;

Depending on the version you get there’s all manner of sensors and camera’s for parking and warning systems to veering out of your lane. What happened to the good old days of having to know how to drive and pay attention?! IMO the AT was the beginning of the end in that regard. Some will argue that with not having to concentrate on the shifting of gears you have more time to focus on the driving of the car though, that sounds ideal in theory, the reality is that it makes people lazy and they focus on something else entirely rather than the driving, couple and AT with Cruise Control and you’re another step towards inattentiveness, the less skill it takes to drive a car the less effort people will make in driving them. However, that’s a rant of ill effect in today’s times so I’ll leave it there.

SO! A Skyline SUV, your thoughts?

Information gathered from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.  Japan.  You can view (and read more if you read Japanese, here;)

Skyline Crossover SUV Website

Nissan’s Skyline Blog



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