Twelve vs. EightySix

June 26, 2009

I’ve always wanted to see a nice side by side of these two cars in a similar paint scheme, just to see what’s looks better.  Personally I think the Twelve takes it on everything but the side profile.  Judge for yourself;

Still, I’d own either, especially in their respective top specification models.



  • flawles says:

    nice ma61 there man………….oh wait!!!!!

  • Josh says:

    S12 actually wins!

    Still loved crushing your old one with a Tractor.

  • banpei says:

    IMO from the front the S12 looks better, but I still favor the hachi. But as an ex-hachi owner I’m biased of course… ;)
    Before I bought my hachi I also doubted if I should buy a S12 instead. I found out the FJ20 models were very impressive, especially the JDM Silvia RS-X with the FJ20ET engine! Only drawback of the FJ model is the enormous bonnet scoop: it takes up almost 50% of the bonnet!
    In Europe the rare FJ models had LSD installed and just when I decided I wanted to buy a S12 a really nice AE86 Trueno coupe became available for the right price… Maybe I would have been biased the other way around if I had owned a S12 instead. ;)

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