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Sound of Skyline

June 4, 2009

Those of you who recall one of my previous shipments from Yahoo! Auctions Japan via Ewan of will remember there was (as the picture above shows) a vinyl LP that came with the “Spirit of Skyline” book, well the other day I finally got around to ripping the audio from the record onto the computer.  It isn’t the best quality being that the record player I used was old with a scabby needle and had not seen use in a fair while, but it still worked and you still get the jist of the 3 parts to side 1 of the record.  One that was done I had to find a player to play them on WP without it opening up in another window.  I’ve sorted that though and if you click further, you’ll hear the wonders of the Skyline and Prince, narrated in English!  Have a listen.  It’s pretty damned cool if you ask me. (more…)