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Nissan / Prince S20 Engine Cut-away

Prince / Nissan S20 Engine Cut-away

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retro-classics Wallpaper 11 – S20 Cut-away in 1600×1200

If you’re unaware of what the S20 is, it was the power-plant behind many racing victories for Nissan in the PGC10 and KPGC10 2000GT-R as well as being used in the Nissan FairladyZ 432 and 432R and the KPGC110 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R.


Over the next few days I’ll be throwing up some various sized images scanned taken from my latest acquisition from YAJ, the “Spirit of Skyline” book.  Here’s the one for today in a larger 1600×1200 scale, not all will be this size, sadly as it’s an old book the smaller photos even when scanned at a larger DPI, do not come out too well.

Prince Skyline GT-Bs and Race Pit-Crew

Prince Skyline GT-B's and Race Pit-Crew

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You may recall me mentioning the FLAWLES Trackday on here a few times in the recent past. If your memory is lacking like mine, then the entries are; Flawless Trackday Planned – 21st June 09 & Flawless Trackday Update!

The very latest update on this is that ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! All spots are filled and they are filled by a wonderfully diverse range of cars.  Here’s a look at what’s going to make their presence known on the track, if you like what you see then you might want to pop down and take a look at the event itself,  you could even attend to help on the marshalling side of things which would be of great assistance to Jarred, I’m sure.  If you can help you’ll find his email on the first page of this thread. Keep in mind though, you can’t race, all spots are filled.  So in just over a month RC should have a stack of photographs of the following cars… (more…)

Two years ago I embarked on a mission to restore one rather beaten-up Ford Laser.

As of today that mission is now complete.

there are still a couple of things left to be done, but it’s all window dressing compared to everything that’s come before (for the record: fit new wheels, apply factory decal kit, and get some replica side badging made up). The car starts, runs, drives, and looks the part, so by all accounts IT IS FINISHED.

The bonus round shall commence in another few months’ time when the Link V5 ECU gets shoehorned into the engine bay… but for now, I shall bask in the glory. very happy ammo added!

In the unlikely event that anyone here is capable of reading Japanese, I present to you the original 1984 Savanna RX-7 turbo (Series 3) 6-page catalogue in its entirety. The pictures and cutout diagrams are good value unto themselves. Special thanks to RE4LIFE – and definitely make sure you check out the rest of his homepage, the guy owns two of the tidiest SA22Cs I’ve ever seen :)

so the next time any flatpeak muppet tries to lord his “knowledge of rotangs” over you, just ask if he’s ever heard of the 165PS “Impact Turbo” before. Ten to one odds he probably won’t have…!

Series 3 turbo catalogue »