Kevs Volkswagen Beetle

Kev's Volkswagen Beetle

You may remember this car being featured last month (A Lust for Rust) well the latest on it is that it’s now completely legal.  After a few minor delays it made it’s way to the doom of the warrant man and failed.  With only minor things needing to be remedied it was soon back to get it’s lovely legal sticker of road going hilarity.  With much thanks to Raizer from and the owner of the bug, Kev we’ve got a stack of pictures of it for you to view.  If you’re after any of them in any more than 1024×768, then just ask and I’ll put the word out to Raizer.  You can enjoy a few more samples and the link to the album further down the page. 

…and there you have it, a few samples but by no means all of what’s available, you can get the rest here;

Lust for Rust, Pt. II

Thanks again to Kev and Raizer.  ( I fiddled around with the levels on your photos Raizer, I’m sure you don’t mind though ;) )


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