Not a particularly popular car in it’s older guises, that is to say, not in NZ.  Though there are obviouslya few around and there’s some pretty sweet ones available on at the moment that don’t frequent the site by any means.  I present you the following;

1969 Renault R10

1969 Renault R10

You can check out the price and the details on trademe, here; Renault R10 Auction. Though if you click the “More” link you’ll find another few sweet Renners on auctions as well as another photo or two of the R10. 

So, here’s the other few R10 images.  Can’t believe how cheap it is given that it’s tidy enough to be legal.  Someone will get a sweet deal for sure.

Back of said R10 Renault

Back of said R10 Renault

Interior, ...IT  ...IS  ...SPARTAN!

Interior, ...IT ...IS ...SPARTAN!

Were that rare gem not enough, here’s another car seen less and less on roads in NZ and I imagine also globally;

1976 Renault

1976 Renault R12

Viewable here; Renault 12 Auction Link

Though perhaps not quite retro or classic (arguable, no doubt) the following Renault caught my eye, you can see it in the background of the R12 auction;

1992 Renault Clio 16V

1992 Renault Clio 16V

Sure, it’s no Pug 205, 106, etc.  I think I’d have it over either of those though.  You can scope it out here; Renault Clio Auction Link

Nice to see there are some sweet Renners still kicking about and even for sale.  Get yourself a slice of the action.  I dare you.



  • Ed says:

    R10′s are pretty spartan inside but like all other Renaults of the time, the seats are ultra comfortable! My Renault 16TS is by far the smoothest riding and most comfortable car I’ve ever owned. Shame it’s a bit fragile and a nightmare to work on!

  • Rhys Nolan says:

    great to see our cars on this site!
    The red clio (135mph car) was written off by a redlight runner in Auckland.
    The 12 (yellow car) is a bit more than it looks, bigger motor, 5 speed, vented discs, etc etc. It may be going to Oz, as there have been no bidders here!
    The white 10, which belongs to a guy I know got no bids either, so he’s keeping it, more upgrades to come.

  • kyteler says:

    Hey there Rhys,

    That’s entirely unfortunate about the Clio. I’ve been a victim of traffic indiscretions too and know the pain all too well.

    New Zealand is a weird market for Renault, I’m sure you know the stereotypical Falcodore owners that can’t see past their ill-equipped and over-priced Aussie steel, that coupled with the often exorbitant prices to get European cars repaired or mended should something go awry doesn’t leave a particularly large selection of people left to purchase! There might be a time though, BMWs are now as common as Falcodores, maybe it’ll be Renaults turn next and when that happens people might look into their history a little more and want the classics, but then how long should you hold onto a car before the populace considers it? A long time, I would think.


  • henry frankish says:

    Is the Renault 10 still for sale?


  • Mark Elvin says:

    Had an R10 in the 1980′s, until a tailgater almost pushed the motor into the back seat.
    Was told before I bought it that they handled strangely, but I had no trouble with mine.
    I have owned or driven few other cars that under 2ltrs that were faster from point to point, and it would cruise comfortably 5kph below the factory quoted maximum speed.
    If my health would allow me to do my own maintainance and repairs, I would be very happy to have another one.

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