Drive a Volvo

May 28, 2009

If any of you (like me) enjoying turning your hand to driving cars on the computer every now and then, then you may well enjoy this title.  Volvo has paired up with SimBin, the makers of the GT series of driving games for the PC.  They bring you a small racing game, it’s not 100% refined or pretty but it is FREE and a neat way to pass the time.  The download is just shy of 600MB big, so it was never going to be a ground-breaking game.  However, if you’ve wanted to fang about in an over 300hp  RWD Volvo 240 then it is a game you’ll want to try!

I’ve only had two quick little races at it, obviously you put the settings onto Pro level so there’s no ABS or Traction Control or any of that malarky and you can biff the 240 about like nothing else.  Oh, there’s other Volvo’s in the game to including the legendary Volvo 860 Touring Wagon as used in the BTCC.

Here’s the few brief screen-captures that I took so far.  You can tell that at the moment I’m not really that fussed on the racing and time setting side of it.  Though there is an International competition that you can enter with some pretty decent prizes.

Ahh yes, the RWD Volvo 240

Ahh yes, the RWD Volvo 240

I might, just might be that car in the background going sideways.

I might, just might be that car in the background going sideways.

You can download the game off their website by either visiting the Volvo International Website, or not bothering with their flash loading time nonsense and just right click and “Save target as…” or “Save Link As…” (depending on your browser) on the following link; Volvo – The Game

Big thanks goes to durty/Alex from for providing the initial link to the SimBin website and bringing the game to my attention.  Cheers man!


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