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110-Project, Rear-Panel.

February 11, 2010

I went and visited my panel beater chap today.  I had left my spare rear panel there and decided to go pick it up and have a yarn.  Thankfully he still had it sitting aside, despite one of his workers trying to throw it out at one point.  So after a bit of a natter about the state of the 110 and other vehicles I grabbed the panel and made haste, allowing him to return to work as well.  A quick stop over at E Hayes & Sons to buy some screws to fit the Japanese domestic lamps to it and I made my way home and dug the lamps out of storage, made use of my new screws and played a game of comparison.

Nissan (above) - Datsun (below)

The Datsun one is obviously not entirely stock having had the badge recess filled and then the whole panel re-painted.  However, that’s not important, what is important is that the spare panel needed some tidying up, so before I shot off to work I started on that…


Minkara Toyota Terrificness!

February 10, 2010

This kid knows where it's at.

Oh you crazy gangs!


So, not long after Adrian and I had been to retrieve his new Race-car that cost him a 24-pack, my girlfriend was talking with one of her friends about it and evidently, her friends boyfriend had one that was now sitting around doing nothing.  Interesting!  Although for the most part people seem to confuse the 1st and 2nd Generation of Civic, so I didn’t get any hopes up until I could check it out in person.  We were given the details of where is was sitting (out on a farm, no less.  This is Southland after-all) and did an afternoon mission to check it out in person.  What I had been told was that it was Dead Registration, Cooked Motor & Slushbox.  So.  Off we went, following the crudely drawn map to the car’s location.  After following the appropriate directions I was greeted with this site;

Gate Support, JDM Civic, y0!

So, first sight showed that it was indeed a 1st Generation car and not only that but it had fender mirrors!  They would simply have to be utilised.  So it came time for a closer look, (more…)

As is usual for the larger “modern” racing events, the cars that come to watch are of more interest to me that those Australian Taxi’s lapping the circuit.   However this year was a little shy on numbers, I’m hoping that will be remedied by an excessive turnout for the Classic Speed Festival later this month.  Here’s a few that I decided to stop and snap;


Parked up on the corner of the turn-off to Teretonga Park was this sweet Falcon Wagon.  If I had the cash, I probably would have bought it as long as it wasn’t over-priced.

Another favourite car of mine from around town happened to be attending also, I took advantage of this by snapping a few quick shots;

Aussie Coupe


Sunday drive

February 7, 2010

Been having more intermittent fueling issues with the KDR30 lately (ever since Japmeat). This time it literally sounds like the factory Nissan pump is on its way out, with its incessant groaning and buzzing. Which is fine by me since I was planning to replace it with a Bosch 910 anyway… but still, annoying.

today the pump was behaving for once, so after a quick vehicle detail I went for a nice leisurely Sunday drive with camera in hand. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of shooting with manual-focus Olympus prime lenses from the late ’70s-early ’80s, and the results have been nothing short of impressive considering all of these optics are over 25 years old. much like the coupe!

kdr30 industrial '10 (by decypher the code)

Iron Nose'd

kdr30 industrial '10 (by decypher the code)

could do with more slam?