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I’m constantly surprised and disappointed by the number of inaccuracies that seem to pop up in many Speedhunters articles, especially to do with Japanese nostalgic vehicles. For example, check out this recent piece on Sumo Power’s DR30 Skyline. Can you spot the incredibly glaring error straightaway?

Loyal readers, this is a DR30 Skyline... or is it?

That’s right, it’s a HR30, not a DR30. Complete with autobox, plush button seats, and L20ET under the hood.

In the spirit of proper journalism, I wonder if they’ll issue a correction – as judging from the comments section, a lot of their readers just plain don’t know better either. Someone even mistakes it for a HR31 and pastes a trademe link to a GTS-X. Now I see why Michael got so hot under the collar that last time Speedhunters referred to the C10 chassis as the “first ever Skyline”…

Actually the most maddening part is wondering whether the owner of the above HR30 knows that it’s not actually a DR30, or if he’s been horrendously misled? I know I would be rather indignant if some chump sold me a car under false pretenses.

I can forgive Speedhunters the odd little inaccuracy such as saying all JZX100s were turbocharged (they weren’t), but sometimes things like this are too hard to ignore – especially when it’s a popular blog with a huge following worldwide. Sort it the fuck out, guys!

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