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So, not long after Adrian and I had been to retrieve his new Race-car that cost him a 24-pack, my girlfriend was talking with one of her friends about it and evidently, her friends boyfriend had one that was now sitting around doing nothing.  Interesting!  Although for the most part people seem to confuse the 1st and 2nd Generation of Civic, so I didn’t get any hopes up until I could check it out in person.  We were given the details of where is was sitting (out on a farm, no less.  This is Southland after-all) and did an afternoon mission to check it out in person.  What I had been told was that it was Dead Registration, Cooked Motor & Slushbox.  So.  Off we went, following the crudely drawn map to the car’s location.  After following the appropriate directions I was greeted with this site;

Gate Support, JDM Civic, y0!

So, first sight showed that it was indeed a 1st Generation car and not only that but it had fender mirrors!  They would simply have to be utilised.  So it came time for a closer look, (more…)