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Just  a teaser for now as I have around 4-500 photos to process and I couldn’t bring them all with me on one day as I ran over my USB Flashdrives a while ago…

Pre-65 Ford Mustang Fastback

Stay tuned!


Goo-net, stop tempting me thus.

February 22, 2010

With all of my current disposable income tied up in getting the banana complied and road-legal, stumbling across inspirational DR30s on Goo-net does not help at all. Some might argue that I shouldn’t be browsing said sites if I don’t wanna be tempted into working (read: spending money) on the numerous other pieces of junk that grace my storage shed, but what else are you gonna do when you’re bored at work?

Low-down config’d, red squinteye KDR30 on bronze Watanabe RS-8s = mega friggin’ win.

Low-down config, it has.

Though I can’t tell if those are 55- or 60-section tyres. I’m leaning towards fitting 55s when I eventually stick my Watties on, purely because they aren’t as balloon-spec and speedometer accuracy be damned.

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