So, not long after Adrian and I had been to retrieve his new Race-car that cost him a 24-pack, my girlfriend was talking with one of her friends about it and evidently, her friends boyfriend had one that was now sitting around doing nothing.  Interesting!  Although for the most part people seem to confuse the 1st and 2nd Generation of Civic, so I didn’t get any hopes up until I could check it out in person.  We were given the details of where is was sitting (out on a farm, no less.  This is Southland after-all) and did an afternoon mission to check it out in person.  What I had been told was that it was Dead Registration, Cooked Motor & Slushbox.  So.  Off we went, following the crudely drawn map to the car’s location.  After following the appropriate directions I was greeted with this site;

Gate Support, JDM Civic, y0!

So, first sight showed that it was indeed a 1st Generation car and not only that but it had fender mirrors!  They would simply have to be utilised.  So it came time for a closer look,

Gates Removed, Parts Missing.

Extra Gauges

Grubby bay, in Orange.

So, it checked out brilliantly, it’s exactly what was needed.  A solid clean shell, the lack of registration and working engine is not a concern given it’s purpose.  The slushbox also turned out to be a 4spd Manual, strange but no complaining here.  So with the discovery in the positive, I contacted Adrian to say I’d found him a car, discussions were made as to a price with the owner and the end result was…

…a 24-pack.  As long as it was removed that weekend.

Enter Datsun.

A quick flat tow from where it sat to it’s new home.  Payment made, Job done.



P.S. Stay-tuned for the retrieval of another Parts car in the coming weeks.



  • Josh says:

    I was going to say…my find for you lot was bright yellow!
    It would seem that a first gen Civic is woth less the $40, how awesome!

  • kyteler says:

    Will be making arrangements to get yours in the coming weeks man. ;)

  • Orion says:

    There are three of the bloody things next door to my place. One white, one mustard, and one pale pink!

    Hipsters love ‘em, apparently.

  • aeidau says:

    Sort of on topic… Is a honda 1970s “life” 5door? hach I think so at least, rare in NZ or Aus? appears to be of similar shape to 1st gen civic. I need to get a better look next time I ride past.

  • xonix_digital says:

    Gorgeous. Wish I had a 5 car garage and that kind of luck!

  • kyteler says:

    aeidau, They are rare in NZ, I’m not sure that I’ve seen one at all. We did get a few N360′s but the Honda Life and the Honda Z were another kettle of fish altogether.

  • aeidau says:

    thx kyteler

    I remember seeing Subaru 360s and another guy with a Mazda R360 in NZ when I went on holidays there. You guys have so many rare imports over there compared to over here in Aus.

    Any Idea of shipping costs to Aus?

  • kyteler says:

    Not sure at all to be honest. Though a car as small as a Kei Car (or thereabouts), I imagine your biggest drama would be Australian Customs. They’ll fit inside luggage almost! ;)

  • I know where a fair few Honda N360s are, dry stored. Theya are gay.
    Come to think of it, theres a Daihatsu max there too.

  • kyteler says:

    …and you choose NOW to remember that, not MONTHS ago when I got my Daihatsu Max. :P N360′s are awesome, you crazy cat.

  • aeidau says:

    Hey should I try and get that honda life? I could get photos and show them to u guys to see if its worth it. only probs is I’m starting uni and nows not the time to be spending money… And I’d have no idea how to negotiate payment or no charge (free = better).

  • aeidau says:

    okay after seeing the front… errh no offense not exactly the best looking car around… I’ll try and get some photos

  • kyteler says:

    By all means get some photos man, keen to see it. If it could be had for a bargain then anything is worth getting. The thing with classics is getting them, sure, you might not be able to spend on them straight away but if you can dry store them then you’re onto a winner.

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