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Finally!  The end figure after not using all the photos and playing about a bit came to 262.  Here’s a quick sample, you can see the rest on the RC flickr;

ZakSpeed MkII Ford Escort

BMW powered Chevron


C110 Parts Manual

February 23, 2010

A little while back some of you may recall I posted an entry about a PC110 that a chap in the Ukraine owns, well.. even back then I was supposed to be sorting out getting him scans/photos of the book to aid him in his restoration.  I finally got onto it a week or so back, after having no luck finding him his own Manual, which would have made the whole process easier.  Anyway, so I took over 200 photos of the damn thing and then decided it would be easier to upload them to flickr than it would be to email them.  Now seeing as I did that I might as well share the link with the rest of you, just in case you’re ever curious about part numbers for the 4-cylinder C110 Skyline sedan.

Click the Image to be taken to the Gallery

It also gave me something else to post about whilst I wait for the Teretonga – Classic Speed Fest. photos to upload.  Today has been a looooooong day.

So, there you go Glomerus, I hope that can help you out at least a little.