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My poor, poor credit card.

how to lighten one's wallet in four easy steps (by decypher the code)

I don't even want to add up the invoices, it's almost too depressing.

step 1: Bosch Motorsport fuel pump (aka ’044′)
step 2: Tial 44mm external wastegate and 0.8 bar spring
step 3: 4x Denso 850cc injectors (still on order, not in this photo)
step 4: Garrett GT3071R twinscroll ball-bearing turbo

If I don’t be making 400PS in terror squid after all this crap gets fitted ‘n tuned, tantrums shall be thrown. Excessively.

110-Project, Rear-Panel.

February 11, 2010

I went and visited my panel beater chap today.  I had left my spare rear panel there and decided to go pick it up and have a yarn.  Thankfully he still had it sitting aside, despite one of his workers trying to throw it out at one point.  So after a bit of a natter about the state of the 110 and other vehicles I grabbed the panel and made haste, allowing him to return to work as well.  A quick stop over at E Hayes & Sons to buy some screws to fit the Japanese domestic lamps to it and I made my way home and dug the lamps out of storage, made use of my new screws and played a game of comparison.

Nissan (above) - Datsun (below)

The Datsun one is obviously not entirely stock having had the badge recess filled and then the whole panel re-painted.  However, that’s not important, what is important is that the spare panel needed some tidying up, so before I shot off to work I started on that…