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What is the most desirable Ford Escort?  I would hazard a guess that at the very least it would be a MkI 2dr for most people.  So, without further delay I bring to your attention, the following eBay auction!

eBay Auction Link

Thanks go to the wonderful RR for the discovery.


Another Monday comes…

October 19, 2009

With nothing to show for it in the way of working on cars.  Some progress has been made but certainly nothing really worthy of posting about.  So, instead have a brief glance at my clone flares taped onto the right rear.

Lots of Steel to Cut Out

Lots of Steel to Cut Out

Lots of Gap to attempt to Flush

Lots of Gap to attempt to Flush

I’ll get there….



October 16, 2009

Why is it that when you’re least able to buy something is when it becomes available to buy?!

The Holy Grail of GT-R badges has just popped up on YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan), the illusive rear panel badge.  A genuine one, no less!

Though the bidding is low I guarantee it will sky-rocket and even if it doesn’t go to ludicrous levels, it’s still beyond my means at the moment.

I’ve grown quite tired of being skint.


Flawless Track-Day, MarkII

October 16, 2009

You may remember, earlier this year.  Jarred (FLAWLES) ran a track-day at Taupo and by all accounts it was entirely successful, so much so that there were calls immediately for another.  Although this was unable to take place in such a short space of time, I received word yesterday that another one has been booked and you have several months to get yourself ready for it.  Here’s the details!

Date : 23rd May 2010 ( 7 months away )
Location: Taupo Race Track (Track Lay-out #2)


The Dreaded Rear Quarter

October 15, 2009

Some of you who read this might not be aware of the drama that my C110 has been through in the past, so I thought I would bring it up to date.  I’ve been quite apprehensive in starting on the right hand side of the C110 and the bad weather and lack of equipment has also played a part in the delay in continuing the strip down of paint and the inevitable bog.  My concern about what I’m going to tackle shortly (hopefully start on it tomorrow or in the weekend) stems from being the victim of a tourists inability to give way, at a Give-Way.  The result was this;

Quite possibly the worst place to hit.

As you can somewhat see from this picture (more so in the subsequent pictures), the corner of a stupid late model Nissan Pulsar rental managed to nudge directly into the apex of the bodyline, the door only taking a minor scuff and the wheel not too bothered.  The shut did get pulled around however, not good. (more…)