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1970′s Toyota Corona

September 17, 2009

For Sale in the UK.  Man I love these cars, even the sedan has a cool look to it.  Not particularly common in the UK and the same level of rarity here in NZ, they’re magic IMO.  I remember finding out about a 6cylinder Coupe variant.  The ideal competitor to the C110 Hardtop.  Someone find/get one.  In the mean-time.  Scope this one out;




JNC Magazine in Japan

September 17, 2009

Now this is an odd sight – three Japanese Nostalgic Car backissues for sale on none other than Yahoo Auctions Japan.

JNC in Japan!

Quoth the seller:

JAPANESE NOSTALGIC CAR / Japanese car / old car / Corolla / Celica / TE27
Are sold in the United States “Japanizunosutarujikkukamagajin” is a set of three books.
And Japan has also been featured in a different sense.
A great place to show photos.

Auction is here »