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Last call… save us now!

September 12, 2009

If anyone still remembers the DR30 RS sedan garage find from a couple months back – I’ve now been asked to arrange a Trademe listing on behalf of the owners, and can officially say the vehicle is definitely “for sale”.

However… if anyone is willing to spare me the hassle of dealing with Trademe ‘tards asking dumb-arse questions, I’m going to wait for a week before listing the car, during which time you can contact the seller (Shaun) directly on 027 577 0161. At this stage I can’t disclose the exact price the car will be appearing on Trademe for, but offers in excess of $2000 will be considered up until then. The car is available for viewing in the Waikato.

DR30 Skyline sedan (by decypher the code)

ohai, remember me?

The rego is on hold as the WOF expired in July, but a fresh WOF and 3 months’ rego will be obtained prior to sale unless suitably arranged with the seller and/or owner. Odometer reads approximately 157,500km.

I really don’t want the car to end up in the hands of some (drift) muppet who will proceed to toss the FJ20E and butcher the damn thing, but unfortunately once it hits Trademe that’ll inevitably be the end result…

Not going to list on any of the Skyline forums, however Michael if you’re reading this you have permission to list it on oldschool and/or the Datsun forums on behalf.

More photos: flickr set here »