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That time of year has rolled around again which meant it was time to drive for several hours up to Alexandra from Invercargill on the Sunday to see the Drag Racing and witness the cars parked in and about the area at such a time.  As usual, they did not disappoint.  Entries were up on last year and thankfully so were the numbers of older cars competing.  I kept my photos as much to the classic and retro scale of things as possible though I didn’t have my camera on me at all times and towards the end of the day I got a bit lazy and probably missed out on taking photos of a good 20-30 classics sitting in the parking area.  Mopars were represented in a large proportion, as is typical, they seems to be the classic of choice in Central Otago and it’s easy to see why, they’re that little bit different to the regular Aussie fodder of Fords and Holdens.  Enough yabba and on with the pictures!

Q ute vs A9X

Q ute vs A9X

The drag racing itself was far more organised this year than it was last, things were almost kept to classes but the whole Rung What Ya Brung idea lends itself well to grudge racing vs. friends so there was quite a bit of leniency in that regard, which is good.  Thankfully the Motorcycles were kept to their own class and weren’t allowed to squeeze many numbers of runs in between the cars as they did last year.

The ranges around Alexandra make for quite the impressive backdrop, as you can see in the previous photo and will see in a number of the following ones, so browse away.  There’s a link to the whole gallery at the end of this entry and I’ll have a small selection of badly filmed videos up in due course.