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Max Power!

September 2, 2009

Daihatsu Max, that is.

So, as I used that creepy new twitter application to indicate earlier in the weekend I checked out a 1974 Daihatsu Max which was located in a town three quarters of an hour drive away.  It was a fine enough day and I’d spent a good while hacking at my C110 so it was a nice relaxing drive in the lazy jacked diseasel cruiser that is my D21 Terrano.

I had stumbled upon said Max on some days earlier, initially listed with no picture, after a day or so a picture had made it’s way on there but being it was what appeared to be a scanned an un-cropped photo it provided no aid in knowing what was what, other than the car was white and at one stage it had been parked on the grass.  Helpful?  You judge…

trademe image. image, highest resolution

Having made vague arrangements to days previous and then having earlier to confirm location and residence I arrived at my destination mid afternoon and was ushered around the corner to find…  (more…)