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So, guess what.

After a ferocious bidding war on on Saturday night, I bought it.  On the Sunday I made a phone-call to arrange a time for collection and then headed on the trip from Invercargill to Gore to buy it.  I arrived and backed up my huge trailer to the seller’s huge trailer and we moved the beast across.

From Austin...

From Austin... Nissan Nissan

These are the Dai’s of our Lives.  Lame Joke, I know. Anyway, once the transfer was completed and the little sucker was strapped to the trailer the journey home began (more…)

Maroontan Tanmaroon, Esq. M.D.

September 7, 2009

Highlight of the ’80s: having to choose between tan or maroon interiors.

Tan interior?

Maroon interior?

What’s your pick?