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KB310 Sunny Sneak-peak

September 22, 2009

Potentially Picturesque

Potentially Picturesque

Coming to a reality near you. Owned by Rob. (You might know him from such blogs as RIVERSIDE)

SUNNY Special Shop

September 21, 2009

We hear you like Sunnys.  So we provide you with a link to a specialty Sunny store in where else, but Japan.

Introducing, Matsuoka Engineering – MOTOR SPORTS PRO SHOP

They appear to have everything you could ever want to do with the Sunny, from MSR Flat Valve Carbs to Weber and Mikuni options, to Interior parts, Exterior parts, Exhaust systems, Engine parts, ancillaries, if you can think it, it’s likely they have it.  Just browsing through the site lets you imagine building your dream Sunny and you don’t even have to change sites (perhaps to get wheels,  I guess).

I’ll let you check out what’s available yourself, here;



The Travels of a Two-Stroke

September 18, 2009

It’s always interesting finding out the history of your cars.  I’ve been lucky enough that all my classics of recent time have come with their original ownership papers.  Where things were all… dun dun dun, HAND WRITTEN! between the owners.

The latest purchase, my 1974 Daihatsu Max, to my surprise has actually been around and about the country quite a bit, as you can see here on the papers;

Removed the owner’s details for privacy’s sake.  As you can see those, started by being sold brand new in Henderson, then onto Glenfield, then Milford then Grey Lynn.  All very Auckland up until the 5th owner at which point it starts moving further south.  Sadly to Tauranga.  However, owner 9 is a car sales from where it was sold to a family where it appears to have stayed within though through various owners until these ownership papers ran out of space.  It was within that family that it made the move from Tauranga to Balclutha.  Quite the distance from the top section of the North Island to near the bottom of the South.  From there it’s made it’s way further south and now in my Ownership, it’s as close to the south of the south as you’d want it to be.  Any further south and it’s likely to suffer salt damage from the sea breezes in the likes of Bluff or Riverton.  All this leads to a genuine 88000kms on the car, pretty impressive for a two-smoke and you can understand why it needs sorted now.


1970′s Toyota Corona

September 17, 2009

For Sale in the UK.  Man I love these cars, even the sedan has a cool look to it.  Not particularly common in the UK and the same level of rarity here in NZ, they’re magic IMO.  I remember finding out about a 6cylinder Coupe variant.  The ideal competitor to the C110 Hardtop.  Someone find/get one.  In the mean-time.  Scope this one out;




JNC Magazine in Japan

September 17, 2009

Now this is an odd sight – three Japanese Nostalgic Car backissues for sale on none other than Yahoo Auctions Japan.

JNC in Japan!

Quoth the seller:

JAPANESE NOSTALGIC CAR / Japanese car / old car / Corolla / Celica / TE27
Are sold in the United States “Japanizunosutarujikkukamagajin” is a set of three books.
And Japan has also been featured in a different sense.
A great place to show photos.

Auction is here »