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A Sample from OJC

May 7, 2009

Having a wander around the OJC forums ( I came across a particular car that grabbed me by the ocular devices and thought that if it interested me so, it was likely to do similar to those that read this.  The car in question is an Isuzu.  No, not a Piazza, not a Bellett or a 117 Coupe, but a Florian!  I’d heard mention and seen in brochures this magical car but until now had never seen pictures taken by a recent owner.  Check out it’s ass!  It’s quite the looker from that perspective;

Check out those curves

Check out those curves

The front almost seems to not quite match the class of the rear, but it does grow on you.  The rear appears to be quite refined, whilst the front is almost brutish (more…)

A’maz’ing 7

May 6, 2009

I just got linked these pictures by Ed and thought they were worthy of sharing.  I know little to nothing about this car so if you do, feel free to share!

Le Mans?  Perhaps!  Awesome? Yes!

Le Mans? Perhaps! Awesome? Yes!


Mmmm, period goodness.  Even if the MAZDA logo done in MARTINI/NISSAN/DATSUN style is a little weird. ;)


Cadillac & Lees Ford

Cadillac & Lee's Ford

As is always the case, Lee from attends as many automotive events as humanly and sometimes superhumanly possible.  He’s a dedicated man and I’m forever greatful for that and his willingness to share the photo documentation of his exploits.  The most recent of which that he snapped a few happy’s at was as the title of the blog indicates, the recently held Napier Hot Rod Swap Meet, most swap meets nationally have gone from more than just a few stalls willing those hard to find and sometimes ridiculously rare trinkets and trim pieces to basically car shows with a place to buy bits.  On one hand, that’s kinda cool, on another it’s a little sad.  More cars on show generally means less room for those selling goods, which you would think was the principal point of a swap meet.  Whether this is the case with the Napier one, I’m not sure.  It certainly seemed to be at the Palmerston North one I attended last year.  Enough of the jibber jabber however, onto what you’ve come to see, the vehicles!


Japanese Car Meet

May 4, 2009

In my latest email from Ewan (the man behind I received a stack of photos that he thought I might enjoy.   Obviously I did, as such I thought I would share them all with you (with permission of course).  So, here they are!  Further inspiration for me to get my C110 finished as well as just general enjoyment.  I wish my brother still had an MA61, that was a comfortable 80′s cruiser that would happily break traction when-ever you felt fit.  Ewan is also someone who appreciates the Celica Supra XX, being the proud owner of a supercharged 1UZ powered MA61.  I think I might put in a request for a stack of photos of that so I can share it with you all.  In the meantime though, enjoy these shots;

Buick Riviera, in Japan

Buick Riviera, in Japan

Stock Standard MA61

Stock Standard MA61

Quite the contrast to be seen between the slammed on wires boat-tail Riviera and the bog stock Celica, such is the wonder of Japan.  If you’re not familiar with their MoonEyes events, I would suggest taking a wander around the internet to check it out.  Always something awesome to be seen… (more…)

Through checking the stats of the website and where visitors are coming from, I noticed a few interesting ones outside the regular google searches and such.  Recently, when I was talking to Ed (Ratdat) about the Prince Skyline Super, I linked him to my blog entries to show him what had happened with the one he told me about and subsequently the other one for sale in Canterbury for significantly cheaper, the product of this became a linking on his own blog to mine, which is sweet!  Sharing the love around is always good, so as to return the favour I added his to mine, I’m not really sure why I didn’t have it on already, I guess trying to have an entry on my own every week day (yeah, I know I miss some) keeps me too busy to pay attention to other parts of the site.  (I know I need to update the RC front page, shhh!)


Other than Ed’s site though, there are a few others I’ve added relatively recently that you might want to check out;

Garage RS (Garage RedSun) ; A young NZ chap with a fetish for Corona’s and wide wheels.

Garage Slipway ; A team of Auckland, NZ guys who love 80′s Toyotas and making them go sideways

You can either click their pictures on this post or their links on the right hand side of your screen.  Go to it!