Through checking the stats of the website and where visitors are coming from, I noticed a few interesting ones outside the regular google searches and such.  Recently, when I was talking to Ed (Ratdat) about the Prince Skyline Super, I linked him to my blog entries to show him what had happened with the one he told me about and subsequently the other one for sale in Canterbury for significantly cheaper, the product of this became a linking on his own blog to mine, which is sweet!  Sharing the love around is always good, so as to return the favour I added his to mine, I’m not really sure why I didn’t have it on already, I guess trying to have an entry on my own every week day (yeah, I know I miss some) keeps me too busy to pay attention to other parts of the site.  (I know I need to update the RC front page, shhh!)


Other than Ed’s site though, there are a few others I’ve added relatively recently that you might want to check out;

Garage RS (Garage RedSun) ; A young NZ chap with a fetish for Corona’s and wide wheels.

Garage Slipway ; A team of Auckland, NZ guys who love 80′s Toyotas and making them go sideways

You can either click their pictures on this post or their links on the right hand side of your screen.  Go to it!


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