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Prince Trim Parts

May 11, 2009

Peculiar post, perhaps.  However, as far as exposure goes, this is probably my best bet for attaining the parts I’m after without having to make mention of it on a multitude of forums and such.  Having spent a fair amount of cash on parts from Japan for the C110 lately, I thought I would momentarily change focus to my other Skyline, the first generation S21 that I’m fortunate enough to own.  It also needs some parts.  Thankfully, Jason from the Skyline GT register in Australia has offered his assistance with finding the following parts for me.  If you read this and you can help too, then by all means do so!

Rather than having to describe these parts, I’m lucky enough to own a parts manual for my model of Prince Skyline, rare enough to come across on it’s own, perhaps even more rare than the car.

70 Moulding A, front

"70" Moulding A, front

70 69191 0201 MOULDING A, front

"70" 69191 0201 MOULDING A, front

Though I could probably do with another badge (“106″ 69978 0202 – Mark Assy., side) it’s not of utmost importance by comparison to the correct front and rear trim.  Speaking of which, here’s the rear trim I need;

Rear Trim Pieces (3 of)

Rear Trim Pieces (3 of)

Number Errors?

Although there has been three Skyline Supers including mine, to have made their existence known recently.  If you follow this blog you will have already seen them, I’m sure, however if you do not then you may wish to have a brief nosey at the posts I made in relation to these.  You can do this by clicking (more…)


May 10, 2009

full credit to Aaron (AzumitH) for stumbling across this awesome gem of a page. As you can see, Japanese car commercials were serious business back in the ’80s. Nothing quite like a troupe of dancing gaijin to compel you to rush down to your nearest Honda dealer.


rick astley lookalike, and some bearded guy with a fedora dancing around in his bathrobe and pyjama pants.




I think my head just exploded. God, I hate love the ’80s.

Main CAR-CM Page (Japanese) »

as some of you may know, I have a fairly original SA22C RX-7 series 3 turbo tucked away which needs a bit of finishing before it can be road-registered. Now that I’m done restoring my TX3 it seems like the next logical project to move on to, and I spotted this freshly imported S3 turbo on a dealer’s yard in Invercargill during my breakfast trawl of Trademe this morning and wonder if I’d have any chance of selling mine for that much (once it’s on the road, of course).

anyway, I don’t like the paintjob (definitely doesn’t look like the factory Sparkling Black though I could be mistaken), and I certainly don’t like the wheels, but $20k is the road-legal asking price. Which bugs me a little. the fact that this guy can’t seem to shift his S3 turbo for half that tells me I’m being overly optimistic, and perhaps that’s what the dealer in Invercargill is about to find out.

Recession and all that, hem hem hemmmm.

$19,999. CHEAP.

kyteler, it’s in your neck of the woods – mayhaps you could go checks it out for me sometime? Who knows, they might even let you have a test drive!

Moar photos after the jump – but you could always click through to the auction instead and save yourself from my snarky comments ;)


because you know you want this showroom condition (and I mean that literally!) hand-assembled and Michelotti-designed 1962 Skyline Sport convertible, one of fewer than ten existing examples. Click on the thumbnail for a neat little showcase video of this car and complete listing (all in Japanese, natch).

Genuine BLRA-3 of awesome

The asking price? A cool 31.5 million yen… at the current exchange rate that amounts to a staggering 533,403 New Zealand peso. Forget buying a Murcie with your Big Wednesday winnings, just get this instead.

That is all :o

nb. For more info on the BLRA-3, check out part 3 of kyteler’s Skyline History article.

Winter, is a coming

May 8, 2009
Frost, its all cold like.

Frost, it's all cold like.

Seasons are changing, which means frost and frozen cars in the morning.  I woke up to this on the S12 today, sadly I didn’t think to get an overall shot.  Also, the post has still got cars in it.  Ssssh you! (more…)