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May 11, 2009

Peculiar post, perhaps.  However, as far as exposure goes, this is probably my best bet for attaining the parts I’m after without having to make mention of it on a multitude of forums and such.  Having spent a fair amount of cash on parts from Japan for the C110 lately, I thought I would momentarily change focus to my other Skyline, the first generation S21 that I’m fortunate enough to own.  It also needs some parts.  Thankfully, Jason from the Skyline GT register in Australia has offered his assistance with finding the following parts for me.  If you read this and you can help too, then by all means do so!

Rather than having to describe these parts, I’m lucky enough to own a parts manual for my model of Prince Skyline, rare enough to come across on it’s own, perhaps even more rare than the car.

70 Moulding A, front

"70" Moulding A, front

70 69191 0201 MOULDING A, front

"70" 69191 0201 MOULDING A, front

Though I could probably do with another badge (“106″ 69978 0202 – Mark Assy., side) it’s not of utmost importance by comparison to the correct front and rear trim.  Speaking of which, here’s the rear trim I need;

Rear Trim Pieces (3 of)

Rear Trim Pieces (3 of)

Number Errors?

Although there has been three Skyline Supers including mine, to have made their existence known recently.  If you follow this blog you will have already seen them, I’m sure, however if you do not then you may wish to have a brief nosey at the posts I made in relation to these.  You can do this by clicking

I thought I had found a local source of parts by this particular car that was mentioned to me by Eddie from though as you’ll find out from the subsequent post a suitable deal on the acquisition of the car would not prove that easy.  I didn’t bother to ring the chap after my initial investigations and I’m quite glad of that after it came up on at the later date, with the price it did.

The other recent discovery was this one, which should hopefully (though somewhat sadly) be making it’s way to Australia in the no too distant future.

SO!  If these cars look familiar to you, you know where one sits or you have some parts sitting aside for one of them that may well be the parts I’ve mentioned, then please get in contact with me.  Thanks for your time and for reading all the way through this excessively long “Wanted” ad.


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