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Having recently gone through this myself, I thought I would share the simple process with you all so you feel less worried by it or rather can just understand the simplicity of it all and realise there’s little to lose and much more to be gained.

If you’re like me, you would have spent ages scouring the YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan) website, countless hours of countless days dreaming the dream of owning those parts that are seemingly unavailable anywhere else other than shops in Japan which you’re unable to visit or they’re un-willing to send, or the worst of the lot that they’re not unwilling to send but rather that there’s the language barrier.  So, here’s the solution!

When you use their contact form, the person you’ll come into contact with is Ewan.  He’s a friendly and exceedingly helpful chap and best of all, he comes from New Zealand and so speaks and understand English perfectly.

So, you’ve got a contact point.  What now? (more…)

OK, so not all these pictures are of a retro nature and on top of that, they’re not a massive resolution but what they do show is another viewpoint taken by the non-professionally mannered photographers, a different angle on some of the cars we’ve already seen at this show via other websites such as and  The few I’ve sampled here are essentially the retro shown.  You can see the rest by clicking the album link at the base of this entry.

Japanese Modified Mini

Japanese Modified Mini

How cool is that little Mini?  The answer…  Very.  Fender Mirrors, SSR’s, Hilarious Roofrack to carry picnic type table.   I dig it.

Next up, this little SE70 Corolla that everyone seems to love; (more…)