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OK, so whilst most of you likely went away or did something awesome on your days off over easter, I did very little.  I drove around a very bland looking Audi A4 and although it was very polite and comfortable with it’s ways, it certainly lacked a lot of the character that I’m used to in my own vehicles, perhaps being tip-tronic was of no assistance to it, but that’s beside the point I think.  Mixed in with this driving of a vehicle beyond my means, was the important part.  The sussing out of particulars involved in the purchase made on my behalf of replica 110GT-R flares, in Japan, on YAJ.

The flares themselves, are these ones;

Replica KPGC110 Bolt-on Fibreglass Flares

Replica KPGC110 Bolt-on Fibreglass Flares

Sure, they don’t look like much but they’re specific to the C110 in that they have to cater for the bodylines at the rear of the car and they wrap around the majority of the length of the arch as opposed to the universal type which in general will just crown the wheel-arch.  I managed to win the auction at the starting bid.  Though before any of this even took place, I had emailed the amazing Ewan @ asking for a basic estimate on what it would be to get these suckers to my door.  He replied within the day and his basic estimate turned out to be very close to the final price.  Being the size, composite and fragility of the items it wasn’t the easiest to guess.  His initial estimate coming only 1820JPY shy of the final costing. The discrepancy in price turned out to only really be the weight, 2kg was actually 3kg and so internal Japanese freight and then International freight to NZ rose slightly because of that.  They should arrive to my door within the next 7 days, once they do I’ll let you all know and probably do a little taped onto the car mockup just for shits and giggles.