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From the second largest Japanese manufacturer, to the largest; Toyota. No point in spouting a whole lot of nonsense, you known the deal by now and as such, here’s some vehicles for your perusal.  First up, not a HiAce, not a LiteAce but… a miniAce!

Not your average Ace

Not your average Ace


After being inspired to try my new arrivals on the car I thought I would upload a high-res version of this photo, just because I quite like it.  I’ll assume someone else might too… perhaps…


1600x1200 Wallpaper for you peeps.

Same deal as previous ones, either click directly on it or alternatively right click and “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” depending on your browser.


Pleasant Surprise

April 8, 2009

Yesterday evening I received a phone-call, the man on the other end was the driver of a freight truck.  I informed him of the place to put the freight, knowing well that my brother would be home in a few minutes to make sure everything remained safe and sound.  I got off the phone with a large grin on my face.  You see the freight that had made it’s way to me today (very promptly and very well priced, I might add.  Thanks goes out to EFFICIENT Moving & Storage, MANA Transport & Richard (Snoozin)) was this;

Ooooh, presents!

Ooooh, presents!

What magical things lay inside the wrap?  Well that would be these: (more…)