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It’s KHR31 heaven this week on Goo.

The R31 Skyline packed on the pounds and shed a lot of the raw edge that made its predecessor the R30 such a thrill to drive – making it more subdued and quite possibly the black sheep of the ‘modern’ era of Skyline – but it made up for this by virtue of its HICAS and 4WAS technological wizardry, brand-spanking new RB inline six with ceramic turbo for instant boost response, and carrying over the mega-angular styling cues of the R30 while other manufacturers began inclining towards more rounded, graceful shapes.

Exhibit A: 1986 Skyline GTS-X turbo


How is it so slammed?

Yours for the sum of 598,000 yen, complete with “panel board” rear spoiler and slammed on 14″ XR4s :D

…which is a point of minor contention, really. I know there are folks out there who like ridiculously small wheels and stretched licorice-strip tyres, but from a purely aesthetic point of view a car the size of a R31 really deserves some larger diameter XR4s with bigger profile tyres; 195/50R15s would be perfect (plus you get to keep your stretch!)

Exhibit B: 1987 Skyline GTS-X turbo


You'd better hope that front spoiler don't catch on nothing.

this one’s a ‘facelift’ KHR31, identifiable by the snazzy projector bulb headlights and covered tail lamps. The retractable front spoiler receives mixed reactions, but I for one like it. At 580,000 yen it’s a smidge cheaper than the example above, but you know as well as I do that it’s simply crying out for some less ugly wheels!