OK, so not all these pictures are of a retro nature and on top of that, they’re not a massive resolution but what they do show is another viewpoint taken by the non-professionally mannered photographers, a different angle on some of the cars we’ve already seen at this show via other websites such as noriyaro.com and speedhunters.com.  The few I’ve sampled here are essentially the retro shown.  You can see the rest by clicking the album link at the base of this entry.

Japanese Modified Mini

Japanese Modified Mini

How cool is that little Mini?  The answer…  Very.  Fender Mirrors, SSR’s, Hilarious Roofrack to carry picnic type table.   I dig it.

Next up, this little SE70 Corolla that everyone seems to love;

SE70, why the S?

SE70, why the S?

Oh!  Thats why.

Oh! That's why.

and then the front for all you nosey people;

The Nose Captain, its quadlamp.

The Nose Captain, it's quadlamp.

but that’s enough of that, we see many little *E70′s at home, no need to go too crazy there so here’s some other specimens to take a gander at;

Levin w/ 4AGE

Levin w/ 4AGE

Nissan Bluebird Coupe

Nissan Bluebird Coupe

Mitsubishi Galant Colt GTO

Mitsubishi Galant GTO

RB converted Iron-mask R30 Hardtop

RB converted Iron-mask R30 Hardtop

and now a couple of finds from the carpark rather than inside the show, which I think are at least a little bit interesting to those that read this;

Flared, Work Meisterd Levin Notchback

Flared, Work Meister'd Levin Notchback

GC10 Sedan in Race Replica attire.

GC10 Sedan in Race Replica attire.

and to end it on something not really retro at all but a little bit neat regardless…

34 nose on...

34 Skyline Face, on a...

Stagea wagon rear, converted to a Ute.

Ute conversion, Stagea wagon rear.

I reckon with some side skirts and a slightly different bumper on the front, it could look a whole lot sweeter and it’s always nice to see something a little different.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures, most more modern.. here;

Ewan’s Exciting Car Show Down 2009 Pictures



  • Matt (Australia) says:

    I love the iron mask r30′s (arent they r31′s though?), they are so sweet… And that galant gto above it looks hot. Real nice lookin’ cars you guys have goin’ on over there. :) Oh, and yeah, we have those skyline utes here too :P

  • kyteler says:

    Matt, I hope you’re kidding about the R31 comment. Though there are more than a few people unable to distinguish between the then two.

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