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A Lust For Rust

April 6, 2009

When a few of my options for an April feature car fell through, I got a few mates to make some suggestions and they were all good ones and ones I’ll keep in mind for future months, however during the same time span I received a message from a good guy on the forums, by the nickname of Raizer, asking whether I would be interested in featuring a VW Beetle on my site that belonged to a friend of his.  The timing was perfect.  I needed a car and what’s not to like about a Beetle?  So I got him to send me some info and some photos and here we are now and here is the car itself;

The Garage, filled with Beetle

The Garage, filled with Beetle

The Beetle belongs to Kev his plans for it include a 1600 twin port engine with twin carbs utilizing either a Skat racing or Bosch 009 dizzy, lowering catered for in typical dub style with a beam adjuster up front and turned down splines in the rear to keep things evenly slammed.



Alright, some of you might be aware of the Flawless track day.  If you’re not, it’s on this post here;

Flawless Trackday Planned – 21st June 09

The latest on this is that the deposit has been made.  If you want to attend get your payments in ASAP, the details for doing so can be seen here;

FLAWLESS Trackday Information

DO IT!  Don’t miss out.