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Cars For Sale

April 22, 2009

Initially when I put my S12 up for sale, I pondered putting it on here.  I didn’t really see too much point and so decided against it.  More likely than not, most that read this are far from my tiny hometown of Invercargill, NZ and being it’s at the bottom of the South Island, not that many people are likely or even vaguely keen to want to drive the distance to get such a car unless it was mint.  Which mine is not.  It’s tidy enough and it does it’s job well as a reliable daily driver but it’s certainly not mint.

Then recently when Alistair decided he would be putting his Isuzu Bellett up for sale (a previous feature car on RC, as seen here) I offered for him to put it up here on RC as an entry.  Then the thought occured to me that perhaps I should dedicate a section of the website as a classifieds type area for as the title of this entry says “Cars For Sale”, it seems the done thing on most magazines, to have a dedicated section of cars available to buy.  SO … why not?  It wouldn’t exactly be a hard thing to manage.  However, I wouldn’t want to engage in something if there was little purpose.  So what I will do in this entry, is ask you the reader whether you think it would be a good idea or not.

Just make a comment on this blog entry, letting me know what you think and I’ll weigh it up based on the responses.  Alternatively you can use the RC forum or the RC thread on the forum to let your opinion be known.

…and as to make this entry not an entire wasted breath.  If you’re interested in an S12 or a Bellett, then follow these links… (more…)