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Prince Amongst Parts

March 11, 2009

Having recently been told the correct manner in which to spell Prince (as in Prince Motor Company) in Japanese (a direct translation is evidently incorrect and yeilds very little results), I set about Yahoo! Auctions Japan, trying to find all manner of things.  As you can imagine, the pickings were indeed slim.  The majority of available or shown items were from that of the Second Generation (S50, 54, 57) or for the Gloria.  As I had been informed by a few Japanese contacts, finding parts and even seeing the first Generation Skylines is a rare thing.

To give you an idea of what I am up against, here’s a select few things that I did happen to stumble across, some priced well, others… not so much…

Prince G-series Gasket Set

Prince Gloria BLSI Gasket Set

Starting bid of ¥13500JPY is equal to $280NZD at current exchange rates.

YAJ Link:

Seems a fairly reasonable price to me, given the age and the availability of such things.  Obviously with the costs of shipping added on post purchase it would likely be a sight more expensive again.  Perhaps too much so.  Shipping out of Japan for anything that isn’t a letter, is a costly affair.  However, there’s far more expensive parts to be had, follow me inside…