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Isuzu Bellett Project

March 3, 2009

With Isuzu only having such a small stake in passenger vehicles, they’re an often forgotten area of car ownership and people don’t realise just how long they’d been in the game.  They could never compete with the likes of Toyota in Japan, after-all, who could?  They’re really on their own as far as production figures go.  The Isuzu passenger cars that are available are often looked upon with affection, a small and rounded affair, the 117 receiving the pen work of an Italian, as many Japanese cars did of the era.  The Bellett however, was not party to this, though that’s not to say it didn’t go without any means to impress.  As most will know the Bellett received a GT-R version the PR91W 1600-GT-R, it was a DOHC affair that did Isuzu proud on track and road alike.  However the focus of this article is the more humble street sedan.