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Retro Car Game

March 4, 2009

It’s a bit old now, but it’s still a sweet little game.  I got home the other night and was bored as all hell.  Rather than do anything constructive I thought I would see what I had on my HDD to play.  I ended up cranking up GT Legends.

Game Cover, so you know what to look for

Game Cover, so you know what to look for

If you’ve no idea what GT Legends is, then gather around children whilst I tell you a tale of magic and wonder.  Or rather of simulation and classics.  GT Legends is made by SimBin, a German software developer.  The level of physics and detail is, for it’s time, quite astounding.  The only thing I find lacking in it, is the lack of Japanese classics.  Having said that, it’s still fun as all hell to fang about in Mini Cooper’s, Lotus Elan’s, RS3100 Capri’s, Alfa Romeo GTA’s and many others.