Drift South: Sneak Peak

March 30, 2009

I took a few photos of the Drift South event at Teretonga this weekend just been.  I didn’t stay too long on the main day, it was hot and I am a wuss, though in reality I had been feeling ill since the Friday and an unexpected long night/morning through into Saturday was not helping matters.  Having next to no sleep, most my pictures were from the lazy setup/drift school Saturday takings place as opposed to the actual race day on the Sunday.  Here’s a minor sneak peak of one photo from the Sunday.

S13 Silvia vs. A31 Cefiro

S13 Silvia vs. A31 Cefiro

I am well aware there are no Retro or Classic vehicles in this, but if you read the “About” page, you’ll see I’m a car enthusiast of many generations.  So shush.  There shall be a retro posting later in the day.  Word to your mother.


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