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Grid’em up.

Then send ‘em out… (more…)

Some of you may either know or recall that Richard used to own a white Triumph Mk. II Sedan.  It was a car that I was privileged enough to be allowed to use while I stayed with him on a visit to the northern island, that was some time ago now and Richard had since sold the car and then almost immediately regretted it and pined for another.  Some time later he bought this 2500PI from some Goat.

Good for it's age, no doubt.

It needed a few bits and pieces sorted and a general little clean up so Richard proceeded to spend more money on it than he initially planned.  Ahh cars, it’s a tale often told amongst enthusiasts.


So, my brother got so sick of the car that he was willing to swap the 1993 ED Fairmont I had for it.   The Sunny has recently failed it’s WoF check on what for the most part, seemed like stupid shit. In particular some “rust” .. now, SOME rust, was justified, the problem was that where my brother thought the rust was and where it actually was, were two different places. He had thought the guy meant this barely noticeable crap atop the strut towers. No. It was this, on the inner guards (near where the bumper mounts) and the external side of the chassis rails.  Definitely needs fixed but actually isn’t toooo bad.

RHS Inner Guard

After hacking at it with a screwdriver you can see it’s only the outer most layer,  so I’ll cut it out and wire brush it up, lay some rust inhibitor on it and weld in some replacement steel, undercoat, blah blah, the whole deal.  The other side is similar.

LHS Inner Guard

Not quite as bad but in two slightly separate areas.  The same deal will need to be done here.  Once this is legal again I will be spending a LOT less on petrol (compared to the 260C & Fairmont) which will leave more money to be spent on the Skyline projects.  Then, once they’re done (hahahaaaaaah… I know, right?) I would love to turn this little bastard into something similar to…  (more…)

Here’s a quick little half assed video just taken with my old SONY-H2 camera of the F5000′s doing some practice on the Friday.


5,472km. Probably one of the least travelled EB1s in the world.

According to the ad this car was on display at Honda’s head office in Manukau for a number of years, and I can corroborate that story as I used to drive past the place a few times every week. Always wondered what the deal was with the little red Civic sitting in the showroom window…

Then one day about three years ago it mysteriously disappeared, only to be replaced by a new Accord and then later an Insight. I guess this explains where it ended up.

Brings back fond memories of a certain 'little red gonda'

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