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Long time coming, my apologies.  This event is easily my favourite of the year on the Teretonga calender.  It’s part of the Southern Festival of Speed, with races on Southern Circuits from Levels (Timaru), Ruapuna (Christchurch) and Teretonga (Invercargill).  I like to go to the practice days simply because you’re more likely to see the larger range of cars before the carnage happens.   Enough nonsensical gibberings, I know you guys only come here for the pictures;

“Racing Cars” Class
Occupying the Staging Grid

If my memory serves me correctly (it usually does not) the above car belongs to the father of one of the chaps on who built and owns a very choice CA18DET powered MkI Escort.  I’m sure he’ll let me know soon enough whether I’ve got that wrong.  Anyway, onwards!


The caretakers of this car politely stopped their work on it whilst I scurried about amongst them to take these and other photographs, I try to keep out of their way more than the other way around but that’s what I love about these meets vs. the standard and NZV8 fare, everyone is far and away friendlier without the masses of pretentiousness.  It’s a grand ol’ time!