5,472km. Probably one of the least travelled EB1s in the world.

According to the ad this car was on display at Honda’s head office in Manukau for a number of years, and I can corroborate that story as I used to drive past the place a few times every week. Always wondered what the deal was with the little red Civic sitting in the showroom window…

Then one day about three years ago it mysteriously disappeared, only to be replaced by a new Accord and then later an Insight. I guess this explains where it ended up.

Brings back fond memories of a certain 'little red gonda'

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  • Ryan says:

    Being a Honda guy myself, I would love to be able to acquire a 1st Gen Civic. In fact, I own a Civic, so I might as well get the whole lineup haha. How awesome would it be to drive it on the US streets lol.

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