Archive for March 18th, 2011

Figured seeing as I had the Sunny Coupe here now that I’d throw the ‘champs on it for shits and giggles to see just how bad the clearance issues would be.

Not so shabby from the side but you can see there's a tyre issue.

Here you can see that the front has some clearance issues.

It’s actually not all that bad as far as the rear goes, even with those large tyres on it, it would only take a little lip of the guard for them to clear perfectly, so it’s safe to say that a 7.5″ -13 is a good fit for the rear of a KPB310, you could fit wider so long as the width went inwards and the outer dimensions remained.   You could easily fit a 7.5 or greater on the front too, but would need a far more positive offset or some camber adjustable tophats to cater for that and crank some serious tyre destroying camber.

The obvious is that it would also need epic amounts of slam to go with other wheels.