Some of you may either know or recall that Richard used to own a white Triumph Mk. II Sedan.  It was a car that I was privileged enough to be allowed to use while I stayed with him on a visit to the northern island, that was some time ago now and Richard had since sold the car and then almost immediately regretted it and pined for another.  Some time later he bought this 2500PI from some Goat.

Good for it's age, no doubt.

It needed a few bits and pieces sorted and a general little clean up so Richard proceeded to spend more money on it than he initially planned.  Ahh cars, it’s a tale often told amongst enthusiasts.

The initial plans for the car were to give it a 70′s period rally theme.  Those plans were soon rendered defunct in favour of a “tidy and wheels” idea.  Although I had a lot of love for the 70′s theme, as you can tell by the final product, the car didn’t lose out any by not heading in that initial direction.

Bits and pieces were tidied up over time, from engine compartment components to the small amounts (given the age of the car) of rust on the doors and sills…

Blasted then hung and primed
Little bitty issues

Externally there were other issues as well, namely given the car was made as a PI (injected model) it had the wrong grille on it (as well as the injection gear missing, you may have noticed this already)  Richard saw to the grille being replaced but rather than return the I, decided to sort the carbs instead, something I cannot blame him for because carbs are awesome, there’s no trying to deny it.


All up in your grille.

Things like the wheels and running gear had to be sorted too, not being a huge fan of the stock hubcaps, Richard went for a painted steels look, coupled with the white-line tyres and some beauty rings, the external appearance jumped in class a heck of a lot from that initial series of photo-graphs.


Trim/Beauty Rings.
Solid Beige

The interior was tidied up, seats covered with beaded glory;


70′s Glamour at it’s finest.

The combination of all these awesome things resulted in this fine automobile…


Side profile
Front 3qtr
Check out “dat ass”. The joy of IRS cambering those rears in well.

A Triumph, indeed.  Well-done Richard, you should be proud.  Those of you in Auckland might see this rolling on occasion in the near future as that is where this car and it’s owner now reside.  So keep your peepers peeled and be sure to give the appreciative nod or thumbs up as this car is well worthy of all that.


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