It’s the last Friday picture post.  Take it all in before we roll onto the Saturday snaps.


This simplistic NASCAR sat in the infield.
Not much from the rear either.
English? This could only be attached to one thing then…

The ex-Andy Rouse BTCC Carina
Doesn’t look like it’s up to much…
…but it’s pretty serious.

If you don’t recall the days of the BTCC in your memory banks then you missed out, it was an epic time.  Here’s a little video that includes this car in action;





Clubman Class, Kane Shuttleworth’s S13

Kane drives this car around the streets also, hence the plate on it.  Not sure how he got a WoF with two different style headlamps in it though…


Wide Alfa facing off against a modern Porsche.

Another shot of the lethal TVR Tuscan

Someone stood on that Fiat 850!

Another 510 entrant that's more rally focused.

I love the simplicity of race interiors.

Lotus Elan x1

Lotus Elan x2

Hayabusa-powered Doom!

Motorcycles, making cars go fast.

Another Ford Crapi (Capri) coming out of Scrutineering.

That’ll do it.  Stay tuned for Saturday which should have more action shots (I think, sure I could check but where’s the fun in that?)


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