This shit is never-ending and we haven’t even got around to Saturday yet. I am almost glad for all of our sake that I had to work on the Sunday and so didn’t make it to event then, otherwise I would probably have several months of photographs to have to go through. I’ve already skipped a million of the damn things. I digress, photographs of motor-sport is what we’re here for so let’s get this show on the road!

Russell Cunningham's S30Z

Gorgeous set of Triplets.

They were attached to this fine motorvehicle

Cockpit of the Jaguar Special.
McLaren CanAm
Lotus Elan
The legendary Coppertone Mini Cooper
Regular Clubman entrant, this B310 Sunny
Another of my all-time favourites
Rover V8 Power
The rear of the TWR BASTOS Rover
Once pedalled by Denny Hulme
Some Australian Muscle
Martini Porsche wheel fitment
…from the front
Another S30Z, this one of 260Z origins.
Your badge and rear panel contradict each-other, Sir!
6-series, 3-series & Jaguar
I don’t believe this Capri could be any more bogan
Confirmed. It most definitely could not.
Grid-em Up!
Send ‘em out!
My money is on the V8 SA22C.
Starlet… BATTLE!

I shall finish up Friday in the next part (I think), there’s only a few more to go…  …honest.


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