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Southern “Style”

March 11, 2010

It goes without saying that when you’re modifying your car, it’s all about personal preference though what is around you often influences the end result, it’s this phenomenon that leads to different areas and greater still, different country’s often having their own recognised style. What made me think of this recently was a post on the forums about Simmons Wheels, during said post, the inevitable pictures of Rotary powered vehicles were posted, in particular an Australian RX2.    This one;


This is the exact style I think of whenever the Australian car scene is mentioned.  Large wheels that make any attempt at lowering the car essentially redundant.  Some shiny paint but nothing excessive done to the exterior, perhaps some ghastly airbrushing but for the most part not all bad externally except for the exposed front mount coolers.

Now, if someone was thinking NZ “Style” the horrific image that comes to my mind, is crap like this;


Random snap: SURPRISE! AW11

March 11, 2010

Those wily Japanese come up with some of the strangest company names…

What a delightful surprise!

Still doesn’t beat FLYRAT though, which is a car yard named after not one, but TWO types of vermin. Genki desu!

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