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So after getting the gasket set earlier that day, I was motivated to at least do something on the 110.  That thing was slapping the Leopard L28 into the engine bay so I could check clearances for the headers.  Being they were from a Z, it’s a known issue for them to foul on at least something when they make their way into a C110 chassis.  So, in the engine went.  Resulting in this;

Wheels Straight

Getting pretty close with everything straight, which didn’t bode well for when the wheels turn to the right, and sure enough…


So, I finished paying for the two engines I got from the guy I bought the H230 on Friday past, I then got a call in the weekend from the chap saying he had one more thing to give me that he found when he was cleaning out the garage;

Genuine Nissan Part - A Gasket Engine?

Obviously it’s a gasket set, sweet.  I have some head-gaskets and manifold gaskets but the more spares the better, right?  However, this package isn’t just the headgasket, oh no… it’s much much (more…)