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So, I went to this little car show event on the Sunday just been.  I had initially planned on going just to take photographs but then when I showed up the chap asked if I wanted to put the H230 in the display.  Saved me the entry fee ($5) so I figured, hell, why not?

So, here’s a few quick snaps while the rest of the photographs upload;


Vintage - All Class in Brass

British Gubbins.

I apologise for the quality of them right off the bat.  I didn’t take the time to adjust to the day, it was overcast and the photos suffered accordingly.  Still, something  is better than nothing right?  Stay tuned for near a couple of hundred photographs later on.

There were things there sectioned for Australian, American, British, European, Japanese.  Was a far greater turnout than I imagined it would have been.