Southern “Style”

March 11, 2010

It goes without saying that when you’re modifying your car, it’s all about personal preference though what is around you often influences the end result, it’s this phenomenon that leads to different areas and greater still, different country’s often having their own recognised style. What made me think of this recently was a post on the forums about Simmons Wheels, during said post, the inevitable pictures of Rotary powered vehicles were posted, in particular an Australian RX2.    This one;


This is the exact style I think of whenever the Australian car scene is mentioned.  Large wheels that make any attempt at lowering the car essentially redundant.  Some shiny paint but nothing excessive done to the exterior, perhaps some ghastly airbrushing but for the most part not all bad externally except for the exposed front mount coolers.

Now, if someone was thinking NZ “Style” the horrific image that comes to my mind, is crap like this;

New Zealand

De-Bumpered, a ghastly colour, horrific “dumpy” muffler, trailer wheels, white lettered over-sized tyres, poorly applied flares and springs essentially removed.  Half arsed “For Sale” sign on the window which it’s sole purpose is to retrieve phone numbers from the kinds of girls that have “ROTA” tattoos.


Won’t someone think of the children?

Oh… it looks like this person has.

New Zealand

Now, other than perhaps needing slightly more appropriate wheels for the rear, this is a much nicer example.  What’s curious is that in NZ the simple and clean look is often over-looked in favour of a much more brash “LOOK AT ME” version.

If you’re interested in scoping out more examples of the above “styles” then for NZ just visit and search for older cars.  For Aus.  I imagine they have a auction/sales website similar or just peek at any of the Summernats galleries.

…and just in case you’re offended by this post and have to be reminded, this is just my opinion it’s not law, it’s not gospel.  If you like the things I don’t then good for you!



  • dylan - dirtyleppa says:

    it should be law!!!

  • 86LIFE says:

    Yeah I hate “Kiwi” style. Modgies and Eagers, or 20s on a classic Jap car is tired and offensive. The flares too, why the fuck sit them hanging off the bottom of the factory arch? Chameleon paint jobs are popular too. Yuck!

  • Paul says:

    100% Agree!

    Restoration Not Desecration!

    Who the hell buys these ‘abstracts on wheels’ when the original artist/owner is sick of them and decided wearing your undies in public view is just not cool?

    By the way a cool site for Aussie retro/resto is:



  • VT says:

    Oi that green starlet is my mates n its fukn kewl!! wats rong with it!! Yea it mite not b 2 u or some peoples tastes but dont b hating!! Its still a starlet.

  • Neil says:

    hey guys that green starlet your all talking about is mine and was modified when i got it and jst bort it to tidy up and sell on if i had it my way it wuld b a different car. ive owed many starlets and many will tell u that my style is more 2wards the jdm seen. as my mate said above its still a starlet and it may not be your thing but theres no need 2 hate on it at the end of the day its still a fun car to drive

  • Troll says:

    hEy bEi’S
    I wAs Da oRiGiNal oWnA oV Da StArLeT

    LaY oFf a LitTlE pEEps, iT wAs mA RyD I dId iT tO PhiT iN wIf Da ResT oF Da Bro’S iN dA SuveRn SeEn

    MoDjaYs r PhAt aNywAYs

    WhO iS ThIs Mr. ReTrOClAsSicS. LitS gEt HiM

  • Neil says:

    hey troll thanks for the suport i think these ppl are 4geting that this car was built about 4 years ago if not longer and dats about the time every1 was using modgies and eagers flairs ect its jst wot was cool then.

    and raizer y wuld u put pics of us on hea its about the cars not us lol

  • Eliot says:

    Best part is that he chose “Neil” as his username. That was so unexpected.

  • Raizer says:

    “and raizer y wuld u put pics of us on hea its about the cars not us lol”
    Because “VT” looks like the kind of guy I imagine would love your Starlet lol

  • VT says:

    And yea i do.
    Ytf did u put pics of us up!!

  • Raizer says:

    Lol because I thought people deserved to see what kind of muppets would think this green abortion of a car is good looking.
    You’re awesome list of fines you seem so proud and this bit of text among others “Fuckin filthy cunts decided me and a mate were street racing abit 2 fast down the 1 way so took my licence and car off me 4 28 days. Got court soon..” just totally confirms my suspicions that your just a mouth breathing waste of space.
    Also being older than 12 and using bebo is pretty sad too.

  • VT says:

    What r u doin lookn on bebo then??
    Does that make u under 12 or a sad person 2??

  • Raizer says:

    What am I doing on bebo?
    Laughing at the profiles of try hard little faggots like you and your mates.

  • VT says:

    So have u had a look at the pics of my starlet then??
    I havnt got “a ghastly colour” or “white lettered over-sized tyres” or “poorly applied flares” and its sitting on legal king springs.
    Its still in its standard green paint and is pretty dam tidy.

  • Raizer says:

    Yeah I have, admittedly it isn’t as riced up as Neils, but it could be improved a lot still.
    Ditch the “dumpy”, the poor mans version of modgays, tints and cheesy plate then add some decent period 13/14″ alloys and lower it a bit more and it would be mint.
    Now I have a feeling that its going to end up bumperless and rangi’d up, but if you can prove me wrong all credit to you.

    But in the end I’m just a stranger on the internet, so fuck what I say and make your car how you like it (but be prepared for a lot of people to laugh at it if it turns out like Neils…)

  • VT says:

    Na I havnt got plans like neils is. Im hapy with my standard paint and wood like some older style wheels but they will have 2 do 4 now. Any susjestions on what exhaust tip I could put on it coz I wana get rid of the dumpy, not the style im lookn 4 (last owner put it on).

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