So, I finished paying for the two engines I got from the guy I bought the H230 on Friday past, I then got a call in the weekend from the chap saying he had one more thing to give me that he found when he was cleaning out the garage;

Genuine Nissan Part - A Gasket Engine?

Obviously it’s a gasket set, sweet.  I have some head-gaskets and manifold gaskets but the more spares the better, right?  However, this package isn’t just the headgasket, oh no… it’s much much


Yep, basically everything that’s needed.  Though whether the headgasket will be suitable for an over-bore, I’m not sure.  I’ll have to check that out.  At least I don’t have to get the rest of the gaskets.  Stoked.


Getting decent sump and cam cover gaskets aftermarket is a pain in the ass so them and the valve stem seals are super magic.  Good times.


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